Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love hugs

I am a hugger.  It amazes me that some people don’t like to hug.  

The people that really don’t like to hug give a glancing hug.  You know the type, these reluctant huggers look like they are in pain as they step into your sacred “personal space” touching quickly and retreating as quickly as possible maybe not even putting their arms around you just a fake cheek to cheek rub.  Sorry, but that is not a hug.   I see those hugs on the red carpet regularly no one gets smudges in their make up and no chance for hair mussing.  What could a hug like that possibly say?

There are those French hugs that the person goes in for a hug but changes their mind at the last moment and grabs your hands and gives you an air kiss on either side of your face.  Could that possibly be categorized as a hug, not in my world?

Then you get into the enthusiastic hug.  I like these much better these come from people that truly love you and you can feel the love pouring in as this is really an official embrace.  It is a personal reconnection of an established relationship.

Some people get too enthusiastic and pick you up and spin you around, at my age I really don’t want that much enthusiasm I could get dropped.

Another favorite are Mom’s hugs.  Over the years these have changed in so many ways from being held as a baby for comfort, fixing a hurt, patching up a crisis, encouragement, it isn't easy being a teenager,  I am proud of you, I love you.

Then there are the amazing, all encompassing, take all my cares away hugs, I get these kinds of hugs from Harley.  Something special happens with these hugs they are life affirming, solid, I love you hugs.

I have a special place in my heart for old people and on more than one occasion an older friend has told me thank you for that wonderful hug.  Then they go on to tell me it is the thing they miss most about being alone.

If you’re not a hugger you’re missing out.  If you haven’t hugged anyone today giving a hug could make someone’s day and it could possibly be yours.

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  1. AMEN, Teri

    There is absolutely nothing so joyful to the heart than a big "I mean it" hug.