Thursday, October 28, 2010

The beach on a week day.

Zac on the way to the beach
We went to the beach after work.  It is a lovely thing to do on a week day.  The water temperature is perfect 82 degrees, and there were great waves to make the swim fun. 

Since our golden retriever Zac passed on, the beach is the one place we really miss him.  He would start squealing and doing what I call the puppy dance in the back seat about a mile from the beach and crescendo to a howl by the time we arrived.  He was so funny he would run top speed to the water and wait for us to get there so we could play together.  Now when we go we pat all the dogs that are at the beach it helps us to get our puppy fix.

On the way home I saw something I have never seen.  There was a line of thunder storms to the west and near the leading edge of the storm one cloud stood apart with the colors of the rainbow wrapped around it.  We get rainbows frequently in our area but this was a first, a rainbow cloud.  I tried to take a picture of it to show you but it didn’t turn out.

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