Friday, October 1, 2010

And 1/2

I was chatting with a customer today.  Donna was feisty and a joy to talk to, during our conversation she told me she was 89 ½. The thought made me smile.

When does one go back to ½ years?  I have been thinking about that, I’am not sure why though.

When you ask really little kids how old they are they hold up their fingers and tell you they are this many.

I am not sure what age you go from this many with fingers to ½ years.  Parents must influence the fraction because most little kids just don’t understand linear time or fractions well enough.

Or maybe it is after 5 years when the fingers run out on a hand.

I remember saying I will be a certain age in X months. For example, I will be 21 in 3 months.  That is to make sure everyone knows to get you a gift, a card, or throw a big party to help you celebrate the next age milestone.

For the last 15 or so years I am this year’s age until I actually earn the next year.  This birthday I was 54 until I had lived that last day then I admitted I was 55, not a moment earlier.  That just may be ego.

I read statistically women die shortly after their birthday and men seem to go a few months before their birthday.  I wonder if that has any relevance to the ½ year or it could be an obituary thing.

I aspire to state my age by ½ years again.  I am not sure when this happens, I can tell you it is after 84 because Mom will be 85 in a few weeks and she is still 84 until she earns the next whole year.

I am not sure if once you start stating your age in ½ years it continues until you reach your expiration date.  Silly thoughts, Donna made me smile and started me thinking about ½ years, and I wanted to share.  Have a happy day all!!

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