Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are having weather today

During, yea, weather!
We are having weather today, woo hoo!

Living in South Florida typically our days are spent with clear blue skies and the occasional cloud, if it does rain wait five minutes and it will pass, yawn. 

This time of year we get disturbances in the Caribbean.  The rain comes up from the south and it can rain all day which is rare and I love that.  I grew up in Upstate New York and we always had weather rarely was it, what I like to call, a Chamber of Commerce day.

After 5 minutes later
 TD #16, Tropical Depression 16 is heading our way and we could get a terrific amount of rain today.  Still if we wait five minutes the weather will likely change.  The guys from the Weather Channel are even in town, excitement.

These pictures are from our back porch this is what we had yesterday afternoon and five minutes later it was clear, only in South Florida.

So I am thrilled to be having an over cast cloudy day with rain, happy Wednesday!

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