Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Soap Test is On.

Mom and Eldon on the porch.
I am laughing so hard I wish you were here, I just got off the phone with my mom.

My mother is an amazing woman, at 84 she has the joy of a child and loves her friends and neighbors the way she was raised with old time values. At the end of each day during nice weather The Porter Court Gang sit on the community porch and solve the mysteries of life...

I sent Mom the blog about soap in bed relieving joint pain and she told her neighbors at one of the evening get together. Well, I must tell you several of the Porter Court Gang now have soap in their beds. The experiment is officially on.
This is Tiffy she is part of the Gang too.

Mom is a nurse so she gets a tiny bit of extra respect when it comes to the workings of our body. Keep in mind she went through nurses training 64 years ago but people that are part of the goings on at Porter Court don’t care about that, Mom is the resident expert.

Eldon is one of the Porter Court Gang, Eldon got up after thinking about the soap story and went in to put a bar of soap in his bed, when he came back a few minutes later he wanted to know if he needed a full bar of soap or could he use the sliver he had left. He was convinced he needed to put a new bar between the sheets. When he came back this time he told everyone he couldn’t wait till bed time so he could test the results.

Another member of the Porter Court Gang is Loretta she decided she would put soap between her sheets too. Loretta is a delicate flower of a lady who is always dressed like a movie star; I didn’t know she had chronic pain. I will give you an update as soon as I hear back from Mom.

I am blessed at this point in my life that I don’t have any pain, I am knocking on wood as I type this, life must be very difficult when you are battling pain every day.


  1. The Porter Court Gang Report

    It is about 2 weeks since the soap thing started. Loretta is still keeping the soap in her bed. Eldon is doing the same. Two days ago he said his lower back was hurting before he went to bed so he moved the soap there. No pain complaints since. I have had this pain in the muscle in my upper left arm for a long long time. It only hurts when I sleep on that side. I put the soap between the sheets and the pain is gone. I can sleep on my left side again, Yeah!!!

  2. Loved seeing your photo and reading you
    interesting Blog.....what kind of bar soap do you put in the bed - my
    soap is all fancy fragrant stuff or do I have to get something like a
    Dove bar?

  3. fascinated by the soap story. Waiting to hear more. In the meantime, tell me more about the tea recipe---sounds so special.
    Thanks Donna

  4. I am so sorry Donna, I am not sure what tea you mean. Tell me where you saw it. Happy Friday!! Teri