Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Kat

Our mascot at the Co-op is Guido the kat.  He writes our newsletters, is funny, and a bit irreverent.   I find kat humor very funny and sometime it makes me scratch my head because at heart I am a dog person.

In my twenties I lived in a rural area, we had two cats, I was never very creative with the names of our cats, although I was very clear on their purpose so we called them Mouse Killer 1 and Mouse Killer 2. 

This was always very confusing to my niece Jackie who was three or four the first time she met Mousie1 and Mousis2, as we affectionately called them.  When Jackie came to visit for the first time and dinner time arrived for my furry friends Jackie and I went to the back door and yelled Mousie, Mousie and the two cats came running.
As you can imagine this started a very interesting conversation with my niece and we laughed and laughed.

These two felines were very good mousers and left me presents, dead presents frequently, I was quite tickled to have them, the cats not the dead presents.  A time came that Mouse Killer 2 didn’t come home, I figured he got a better offer.  After that we got New Cat.  I know not very creative.

New Cat and I hit it off so well I invited him in one cold Maryland winter Saturday.  It was to be his last in door visit as he thought it was a good idea to spray me as I enjoyed a Robert Ludlum thriller.

Yep, that was my last indoor cat.

Guido seems to have very stuffy manners, a lovely vocabulary, and a lounging style I aspire to attain.

If you haven’t read the newsletters they are always informative and sometimes we have awesome specials and sales, check out the Kat if you write to him he will Meow you back.  Too much fun.

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