Friday, September 17, 2010

Have you smugded lately?

I have a confession to make, I can't smell.

That’s right nothing, I can taste, just no smell.  This happened less than ten years ago and my doctors think it's inflammation in my sinuses.  I did regain my smell for a few days after taking anti-inflammatory drugs for a knee problem, as soon as I am off the drugs, that was it, no more smell, which is not tragic yet it is sad.  Especially for the person standing next to me that remarks, “that smells so good”, my first question is what does it smell like?

I remember one time Leo, a young man that used to work with us, said the roses his girlfriend sent smelled beautiful.  He did a surprisingly good job reminding me of the delightful fragrance of roses.  But this is not the point…

On occasion I smudge our house.  This morning I had a bit of difficulty getting the sage to stay lit, I likely used more than necessary.

I saw the smoke hanging in our little house as I continued my little ritual but didn’t think of the smell. I thought about my eyes burning but not that the fragrance had permeated my hair.  Ha Ha guess what?  When I got to work Stephen came close to me, then bent down and sniffed me, then asked me what I had been doing.  He thought I had started smoking again, which I gave up nine years ago, but that is another story and thank God that wasn’t the case.

Stephen was not familiar with smudging and when I explained I burned dried weeds wrapped in pretty string in my home on purpose he gave me the look.  If you know Stephen you know the look.  We laughed and laughed and wanted to know if Harley was aware of the smudging.  I confess he is not but when he gets home tonight Lucy might have some splainen to do, ha ha.

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