Friday, September 3, 2010

Chocolate Cake

I was enjoying an infrequent lunch out and decided to have a piece of four layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate shavings. Mmm, I just love chocolate cake.

I don't mean cake that has been refrigerated and is stiff but room temperature cake that is springy and chocolate frosting that has a smooth flow to it, that's the way they serve it at Becky’ Diner.

I hadn’t finished reading the sports page yet so  I knew I would have time to enjoy each decadent bite savoring every morsel.

When the waitress asked me if I wanted whipped cream on it, of course I said yes. When she returned it had a whipped cream smiley face on it. Happy begets happy! With the pink bands on my braces and chocolate smooched in my teeth I was an amazing sight totally happy and so was everyone around me that saw my pink and chocolate smile.

Hope you are having a chocolate cake day!!

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