Thursday, September 16, 2010

The call from Al

Teri hard at work, taking calls.
I am lucky enough in my job to have the opportunity to speak to people that call in looking for information  on health and products we offer. On occasion they share very personal stories with me about their health and their lives.

I just spoke with a gentleman, I am going to call him Al,  who has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Al found the book by Bill Henderson called Cancer-Free Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing.  The company I work for Our Health Co-op has some of Bill’s recommendations and that is how Al found us.

Al told me his wife has been battling breast cancer for the last two years and has gone with traditional solutions such as chemo and radiation.   He said she has been sick and miserable for two years and is ready to go “home”.

He said he is going to try the “sensible” recommendations in Bill Henderson’s book and even if his health doesn’t improve he is sure he will have a better quality of life than his wife has been experiencing.

My heart gets heavy when  customers like Al and his wife have these very difficult decisions to make.  All I can do is offer the research that is available,  say a prayer, and send my best wishes.

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