Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bionic Friends

Cecilia and John
I am at that age when aches and pains are starting to show up in my body as well as my friends’ bodies.  Injuries we thought we were over and done with are coming back to haunt us 50 Somethings. Those cheerleading jumps, falling out of trees, skiing injuries, work accidents or that wicked fall I took riding my bike after drinking too much champagne celebrating my 48th birthday, yesh. 

So far I have been spared any traumatic reconstruction decisions, I did get a bicycle helmet in case you were concerned, and have quit drinking too. 

Not so with many of my friends. Unlike, in my parent’s day, fixing joints has a whole new meaning.  Not only are my friends joints fixed, the joint is better than new and they are pain free.  Who knew that would be possible or even a regular happening when we were beating our younger bodies up all those years ago.

My friend Morgan got a new hip last year, Patricia got a new hip too, my brother got a new knee and hip and Cecilia’s husband, John, got a new knee today; I am certain he will be better than new very soon.

Ain’t life grand?  We just have to live long enough to see technology keep up with our aches and pains.

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  1. John has a smile on his face and not because he is presently pain free. His smile is for the things to come. We will be skiing again on the Colorado slopes, trikke episodes will be available, bicycle rides and hiking in Arizona. Those are our future plans now that his deformity has been removed and new parts have been added.