Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome to Teri's World

I have been part of the Our Health Co-op team for the last eight years. Through these years I have chatted with thousands of people living with the challenges of cancer, achy joints, emotional ups and downs and even problems with family members. When people in pain call me, I feel their pain right through the phone. Like the woman who called sounding at the end of her rope from taking care of her mom with dementia. She burst into tears when I asked her how she was doing. So many heart-wrenching stories, like the man whose 8 year old son has brain cancer. And then there are the grouchy old people who just want to talk to someone nice. In the end I try to leave my caller feeling better, lighter of heart, or give them something to hold on to as they get on with their day.

Over the years these callers have told me I should write about what happens in my day, I have never written for anyone before and I am more than a bit intimidated by the prospect. Then I think what if I add a bit of joy to someone’s day what if in the end they feel better by something I have noticed.

I would like to share my thoughts with you, to write about the things I find positive in my day, the little things in life that I smile about. I would love to hear about what matters to you and what you do to make the most of “today.”

Welcome my friends, I am honored you are here with me. Please drop in often (or subscribe to get automatic postings).  Namaste, Teri

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