Friday, August 27, 2010

The Promise, The Commitment, and Katrina

Harley and Teri at Mendenhall Glacier
Where were you five summers ago? It was a summer of love at Our Health Co-op. Harley and I had just returned from celebrating my 50th birthday cruising Alaska where he proposed marriage, the promise.

When Harley and I returned from vacation, Beverly, Stephen’s mom and I were to fly to Las Vegas to celebrate Kelly and Stephen saying their I do’s, very romantic and exciting stuff.

Hurricane Katrina had plans of her own. Katrina blew across south Florida as a Category 1 hurricane the day we were supposed fly out closing the airports causing us to be delayed, little did we know that the storm was going to change the destiny of people all over the Gulf Coast in just a few days. We left Florida a day late arriving in time for the beautiful nuptials.  Kelly was radiant, of course, and Stephen was a dashing and handsome groom, the commitment.

Two days later Beverly and I took the red eye home with Jet Blue, each seat had a television. We watched as Katrina now a Category 5 storm neared the coast, listening to the weather reports all night long, my stomach was in knots, I saw the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 another Category 5 hurricane. At one point in our trip the pilot told us that a few hundred miles to our south the storm was close to hitting the coast. As I look back five years later I still can not believe what happened, we were so close yet so far removed.

As we celebrated the promise and the commitment, we prayed for those who lived and died with Katrina.

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