Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The old wives tale, and joint pain.

Let me tell you about the bar of soap in our bed?

One day I was talking to John, Harley’s business partner about Harley's lingering neuropathy pain. John told me an old wives tale. He said put a bar of soap in between your sheets and your joint pain will go away. I declared that to be silly but decided to try it anyway, desperation makes funny bed fellows, ha ha. We had an extra bar of soap in the closet so I put it in our bed.

Three days later Harley wakes up and tells me, “I have slept so well the last couple of days my shoulders are feeling great.” At this point I had not told Harley about the soap story, I couldn’t believe what he said and I laughed and laughed because my knees felt better too.

This has been over a year ago and we still have a bar of soap in between the sheets. Why did it work, coincidence, probably, did those old wives know something, maybe. What ever you do don’t tell Cindy or Dr. Rodier.

For an update see "The Soap Test is On" dated September 4, 2010.

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