Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Mango with skin and a mango naked.
I love mangos, you instinctively know they are good for you when you cut into one and see the beautiful orange inside; they look pretty tasty from the outside too.

Mango’s are ready to eat when they are the same consistency on the outside as a ripe avocado another fruit you know is good for you because of the amazing color. When eating mangos you peel off the thin protective outer layer with a knife and the juice starts rolling down your arm that is when you know you are in for a taste treat.

Harley came home with three bags of mangos from different customers trees and they will all taste slightly different, another joy of loving mangos. My friend Donnaree loves mangos too; we get so many from friends we always share with her.

Mango season is short lived, the fruit is very delicate so eat what you can and freeze the rest.

Our season is almost over, so until next year as we anxiously await the blooming of the mango trees, then we can start getting excited all over again.

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