Friday, August 20, 2010

"Low Down Dirty Blues"

I have been given many gifts in this life; singing, well lets just say, when they were handing out beautiful voices I must have been towards the end of the line.

I am always amazed by people that can just sing at the top of their voice and have it sound beautiful; a great singer can fill my heart with joy, move my hips, or fill my eyes with tears.

Last Friday night Cindy and I went to a performance of Low Down Dirty Blues by Florida Stage a local production company. The actors were singing the blues and telling stories of their life and woe.

One of the actors, Jellyroll, made a statement, “How can I be over the hill when I never made it to the top.” Hmmm. I hope you make it to the top no matter what that looks like in your life, have a beautiful weekend.


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