Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ladies, this is my Secret Wepon Against Colds

I had a customer call me lamenting the fact she had some holiday traveling to do.  Her real issue is fear she will catch a cold or something worse.  I told her about my secret weapon.

The most common way to get a cold is hand to hand contact with  someone who just caught a cold or touch where the virus was recently introduced.  Typically, once exposed we will touch our eyes, nose, or mouth with our hands and the spread is on.

For me the goal is to shut down the spread of the virus by keeping my hands away from my face.  Sounds like a piece of cake, HA! 

The secret weapon is gloves.  Not ugly gloves, mine are cute light weight, with beads on them.  You can get them flesh toned which aren’t as noticeable, really, no one wears gloves in Palm Beach County, except me.  Honestly, at this age I don’t care what other people think and wear them anyway

I frequently wear gloves when I travel and during times when the news reports higher than normal cold and flu activity, which coincides with tourist season, I have been known to wear gloves prior to a holiday or special events. These things are important, I don’t want to attend while I’m sick.

Thin gloves help keep your dexterity while you have them on, getting keys out of your purse, using the cell phone, or reading a book.   The test comes when you move your hands toward your face.  You will stop before you touch your eye, nose, or mouth the gloves remind you.  I have been known to wear my cute gloves under winter gloves so when I take the heavy gloves off the others are ready to protect me.  Go ahead and laugh, I HATE being sick, this works.

If you have kids you may just be destined to colds. If you have grand-kids you may want to beef up on washing your hands when the little petri dishes are around.  Try it I guarantee if you do your colds will be fewer this winter.  
God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wah!! What? No Wah!!

I got a call last week from my very first yoga instructor.  He wanted to know if I would host Wah for the weekend.  I wasn’t even sure what he was asking of me.

I have been around yoga for 20 years and am familiar with quite a bit of yoga music but didn’t know the music of Wah.

After a conversation with Harley we set things up so she could stay with us for the weekend I have never had someone stay with us we didn't know.  Harley was skeptical, “Let me get this straight you’re going to invite someone into our home for the weekend we have never met? Yep, that’s the plan.”

With that in place I decided to find out who I had just invited for the weekend.  In this day and age what do we do when we need information, that’s right I went online and Googled Wah. YouTube offered her image and music, I liked her right away and she hadn't even arrived.

Friday night after her concert she arrived with Jim for the weekend.  We chatted for a while, got everyone settled in, and went to bed.  Harley and I are early risers and 11PM is past our bed time.

I got up early for a yoga class, Harley was off to work and we left our guests sleeping. 

When I arrived at the studio I was chatting with Danielle, another yoga instructor and she had not only heard of Wah was a devotee of her music.  Danielle told me I knew Wah’s music I just didn’t know it was her. Then we went over to the music that is for sale at Kula, our studio, and there were 5 CD’s, imagine my surprise.

After class I went home and our guests were up.  I asked her if she ever dropped in on a yoga class that was playing her music with the other students not recognizing her.  She said it was fun when people don’t recognize her and comment on the music.  We sat on the porch and talked about yoga, touring, food, love, and life. These are truly nice people living what makes their hearts sing.  It made me wonder am I living what makes my heart sing.

My friend Mary Beth died a few weeks ago at 50.  She was battling breast cancer for the third time and towards the end when she was sure she was losing the battle.  She wrote part of her eulogy and shamelessly paraphrasing she said life is short live the dream now, you may not have tomorrow. 

We hear this all the time, what does it really mean.  I have tossed my life up in the air to follow my dream twice.  The first time I was fresh out of college I took a year off and toured the USA, sleeping in a tent, seeing state and national parks, what an amazingly beautiful country we live in. The second time I took time off to run a light show for an aspiring rock and roll band  We were gone for a little over a year.  From both adventures I have memories that will always be a part of the richness of my life.  Part of me wonders if it is time to explore again, part of me wonders if I am living my dream already.

We enjoyed our guests for the weekend and they were off to the next show spreading the message of music, love and kindness.

How lovely that we had the opportunity to open our home to these two travelers.  Wah signed one of her CD’s for us, at the top she wrote my name at the bottom she wrote Harley’s, on each side she wrote loves.  When it spins you see Teri loves, Harley loves, Teri loves, Harley loves…sweet.

Are you living your dream?

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

Friday, October 10, 2014

Reiki energy healing.

I am a life long student, my healing graces have been focused on learning the energy therapy of Reiki.

Have you heard of Reiki?  The practice can come in a variety of forms, the one I like best is one on one, practitioner and receiver, it is both intimate and focused. 

The receiver either sits in a chair or lies down comfortably, it could be a bed, hammock, yoga mats on a porch, the beach, or local park the closer to nature the better.   

Relaxation, an open mind, and focus on the reason for the energy treatment is all the receiver has to do.  The rest is done by the Reiki practitioner.  Depending on your relationship with the receiver the practitioner could move their hands close to the body or actually touch the person they are working with.

Many studies have been done on the benefits of meditation which is part of the Reiki practice, meditation is a focused mind.  Again, there are large amounts of data on the healing ability of human touch.  The benefits of a 10 second hug translate to our blood pressure and heart rate calm, our mind becomes focused and stills, worry is sidetracked and breathing becomes relaxed.  That is in just 20 seconds we are powerful energetic beings, calm focused energy plus intention between the receiver and giver allows the mind to still, the body to quiet, and breath to flow.

Last month I became a certified Reiki Master. Namaste!

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

Friday, September 5, 2014

Yum, homemade kimchi.

My wellness routine is in a perpetual state of flux and flow.  I try something new and if it works out I keep it  Being mindful just because “it” used to work doesn’t mean “it” shouldn’t be upgraded, tweaked, modified, or deleted from my wellness routine.
If it is time to delete "it" I move on with the knowledge.

The latest good idea; I have started making fermented foods.  I started with kimchi a delicious Korean cabbage dish, the first time I made it we liked it so much we didn’t wait for it to ferment. I have since read eating too much can be harmful once the kimchi is fully fermented. Moderation escaped us temporarily. An important part of the benefits process is fermentation, and we ate the entire batch in a week.

The next time I made twice as much and didn't put it in the refrigerator until it started to bubble, a sure sign fermentation has started. 

It takes me a between two and three hours to chop, salt, wash, and assemble all the ingredients to make the kimchi.  The process makes me feel connected to the food.  Think about it, how connected do you feel to a McDonald’s salad, really, where is the love?

The more effort the more connection with the food, which is why Thanksgiving dinner, is so special, why Mom's lasagna rocks my world, why Donnaree’s Jamaican dinners make your eyes roll back in your head, and why Grama Victoria’s homemade perogies gave us sweet dreams. 

I understand my Polish kimchi is not like authentic Korean kimchi.  I’m not sure that matters, we like the food and its good for us.

Once in the fermenting state health benefits include detoxifying heavy metals from liver, kidneys, and small intestines, the Korean red pepper and garlic suppress harmful bacteria and promote beneficial bacteria, containing lots of fiber Kimchi helps prevent constipation, is low in cholesterol, fat content, and calories to name a few benefits.

The down side it is quite high in sodium content, moderation grasshopper. There is always yin with yang that is life and it can’t be avoided.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc